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I've been a professional photographer for over 40 years. People are always asking me whats better digital photography or film.I tell them that with film once you bought 8 or 9 of the best cameras in the world with the best Zeiss lenses you were set for life. Next you would surround yourself with the best retouchers both negative and print along with a photo lab. Next you need to develop your talents in lighting , posing, communication soo you could create the best product possible. Film was forgiving and the softness of its' nature would hide peoples imperfections. The retouchers would do the rest. The lab would determine if a print would appear light or dark or cold or warm. Different lab people would give you different results... you were never consistant.
    Now I am the artist, the retoucher, the person who does it all. After each session I sit with my clients and we determine how skinny they want to look, how young their skin should appear, and what imperfections they want changed. Today photographers are in total control of their product. Those who fluff off their responsibility and just turn over a raw disc are cheating their clients. Being at the top of new technology separates the professional from the amateur. We place many 30x40 wall portraits in our clients homes. Bigger is better when you look so good. Some people have opted for our deluxe 4 foot x 6 foot wal portrait to really relive the experience of the day with their family.
    It is a pleasure to see the delight your clients experience while the retouching is taking place right before their very own eyes. Men usally start of saying" I am what I am no retouching is needed.  As the years and the imperfections melt away their excitement builds and the challenge is on. " How good can I look?" They leave the studio floating on a cloud.
    So even though I am chained to my computer, with digital photography & I could play all day with film... the results with digital are the best in the world, when you know what you are doing and you are an expert in the newest technology. 

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    Gary R. Miller Photography... the Loving Touch, is a warm and friendly photographic studio which specializes in helping people look their best. Perfect smiles, perfect bodies, perfect skin, and a perfect message. Gary personally, starts off by finding out exactly what you want to achieve during your event or portrait session. Our studio theme is Express yourself... Express your beauty, express your attitude, express your personality, express your hobby, express your relationship with loved ones, friends, or pets.


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