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To have lived a life time without stretching your self to be the best you can be is sad. It is our duty to develop ourselves by developing as many additional talents and skills as possible. When we fall short of our potential in every facet of out life … we are actually limiting our strength, happiness, and aliveness. Just think of the reward and satisfaction that could have come to us if we would have only reached higher. Just think of the pleasure from new hobbies, skills, added understanding of what makes us happy, that we cheated ourselves out of. How much more money we could have created, how much more free time with our families would we have enjoyed. What great things we could have done with our allotted time on this planet. It means we have settled for far less and we could have experienced and enjoyed far more. How high does an oak tree grow? It grows as tall as it can. Why should we settle for less?

    Ask your self what do you enjoy? If you had unlimited money what dreams would you dream and what would you do with your day. Get rid of your fears. Test & stretch yourself. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. In my own life I did everything I was afraid of to conquer my fears. I was afraid of the water so I learned to scuba dive. I was afraid of heights so I skied in the Alps. I was afraid of horses so I bought one and learned to ride. I was fat and out of shaped so I learned about body building. I was afraid of snakes so I collected pythons, boa constrictors and an array of big snakes and lizards. I was afraid of being robbed so I learned Martial Arts. I didn’t think hand to hand combat was affective for me so I learned out to shoot. I didn’t know which gun was the best so I bought one of each. I was afraid to take my business out of my house … so I forced myself to get a studio. I was afraid I would end up broke… so I learned the principles of success. I didn’t know how to showcase by product so I talked to the worlds finest sales trainers.  I never wanted to deal with computers and new technology so I went digital. I was afraid to speak in public so I joined Toastmasters and eventually became the president of the local organization. Before long as was speaking at Wedding Photographers International & Professional Photographers of America, both nationally. I even created my own Tapes series on the philosophy of Change and creating Wealth. I was told I couldn’t read or write very well and started to write articles for WPI with spell check. I was afraid of aggressive dogs; I got into shutzhund training… German Police dog training and attack work. I was allergic to bee and always frightened of them… I became a bee keeper.  I was afraid of commitment and I got married . . . even though I’m still afraid.  Do the thing you fear and you will fear it no more.

    Life is a real enjoyable trip where the reality is moving faster than the dreams. Life and sharing and growing is a real blessing and everyday I jump out of bed excited looking forward to the new & exciting experiences that G-d is going to send to me today.

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