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A fine wine becomes richer and more tasty over a long time of ripening; so do great cigars, cheese, meat, and great alcohol.  People also become fuller with the passing of time and the accumulation of life experiences. A wise person becomes wiser with time because he sees the bigger picture of life. He sees cycles and he sees how things that seem negative in our lives some how work themselves into be positive things in Life. He is an observer of history and sees how reckless youth think they know better and make the same mistakes over and over until they learn to see the big picture. We have to learn to embrace the masters of yesterday and let them be the leaders so we do not have to repeat their mistakes. I believe that a dumb old person is much smarter than a perceived to be brilliant young person. I believe that we are in a era that throws away our experienced, so called outdated teachers and puts the reckless ivy schooled inexperienced dreamers, as the leaders. We toss out what was working for change and not reason.

    Did you that 50 years ago that all that was around was photojournalism and most photographers died broke. The new leaders of the field became masters of the magic of posing & lighting. Then innovators took the studio and brought them to the weddings. Photographers were transformed into successful entrepreneurs and accumulated more money and success than ever thought possible. This new generation was given photography on a silver platter and never had to learn any of the skills… just point and shoot and technology will do the rest. As more people discovered the goose and her golden eggs they fell into the Laws of Diminishing Returns and supply & demand which states the more there is of something the less its perceived value. Today photographers are fighting for the title of giving the most quantity for the least service and quality. Instead of this profession evolving into something better because of this generation, it is going back to where it was over 50 years ago. Instead of photographers being looked about as creative artist who can interpret the life and flavor of a family, or of a wedding, they are looked at as if they were a commodity, with there being no difference between one photographer and another. Are you a commodity? What separates you and your artistry from the others? What are you and your time and your talents worth? Do you have all the answers or are you will to learn from someone whose business with stood the test of time? You can become who you want and create what you want by just changing what goes into your mind.



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