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Most young brides are attracted to a seemingly new style of photography called photojournalism. Its really exciting when they are looking a photographers samples of brides & grooms running, jumping,  & spinning. They love the untraditional look of backs, cut off heads, freedom, tilted cameras and complete emotion. After their own wedding day disappears and all they have are thier wedding photos ... they now are asking themselves... where are my grand parents? Why is my train in a ball? Where are my family portraits? Why is my nose crooked and why do I have 3 chins? Are my arms too fat? Why is a plant growing out of my head. Am I really that fat? I didn't see all those pimples. What do I have to do to make up my own album? Why can't I get my color right? Why didn't you take me & my friends ? Where do I get an album?Can I get more retouching? Whose going to design my album ?
   Its' a little late after the factPicking the right photographer who will walk you through your day and deliver the perfect wedding Album is most important. Here at Gary R. Miller Photography we specializing in making all of your dreams com true.. Give us a call at 248-350-1550..

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    Gary R. Miller Photography... the Loving Touch, is a warm and friendly photographic studio which specializes in helping people look their best. Perfect smiles, perfect bodies, perfect skin, and a perfect message. Gary personally, starts off by finding out exactly what you want to achieve during your event or portrait session. Our studio theme is Express yourself... Express your beauty, express your attitude, express your personality, express your hobby, express your relationship with loved ones, friends, or pets.


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