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Horses are 1200 pounds of power. They are very skiddish for being so big & powerful. You are basically controlling these huge turbines with your thumb & your forefinger. You eventually become one with the horse over a couple of years... like Pan ... your legs melt into their body. You become sensitive to thier world and they become sensitive to your communication. You only have to turn your waist left or right & they begin to turn. If they get nervous... your calmness says everything is alright. The same is true with people in front of a camera... they are full of fear & doubts about their self image. Your calmness assures them that they are ok. As they become more confident the pictures become more alive & they reveal more of their real essence. That is why I take pictures tethered to a computer where I can share good results with my clients and build rapport & energy. The pictures take on a sparkle and an aliveness ..this is called the Miller Formula. Therefore being sensitive & aware of the person in front of the camera and guiding them throughout their session makes them feel & look more comfortable and therefore the results are more than the subject ever imagined.

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    Gary R. Miller Photography... the Loving Touch, is a warm and friendly photographic studio which specializes in helping people look their best. Perfect smiles, perfect bodies, perfect skin, and a perfect message. Gary personally, starts off by finding out exactly what you want to achieve during your event or portrait session. Our studio theme is Express yourself... Express your beauty, express your attitude, express your personality, express your hobby, express your relationship with loved ones, friends, or pets.


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