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I bought the perfect dress. I had the perfect groom. The church was just perfect. I had the best florist. My bridesmaids & their dresses looked like movie stars. The make up was flawless. The band was unbelievable. Everyone had a great time. I bought & hired the best of everything. The food & drinks never stopped flowing, There were different things going on in every part of the reception at every moment. My day was filled up from early morning to way past midnight. I had no time to pose for pictures with an old fashion photographer... like my parents hired for their occasions. I hired a young energetic photographer who promised me she would snap 3000 images of everything that was happening on my special day. She said I will shoot your back, your shoes, your matches, your glasses , your flowers, the top of your cake, your rings.. everything that she felt was important. I'll tilt the camera , be creative...  cut the top of you head off. I'll shoot you running, jumping, whirling & twirling.. Your book will look nothing like your parents album. You know my book looked nothing like my parents book.  My dress was wrinkled, my veil was chopped off. The train that I paid so much for was in a ball. My nose looked big. My arms looked fat, my stomach stuck out. There was no detail in my dress & I had a triple chin. The color was drab the focus was soft and things were growing out of peoples heads. There were no family pictures, formal portraits. There were no pictures of my extended family & no groups of my close friends. There were hundred of pictures of my back, my shoes, my ring, my flowers , the top of my cake, and part of my face but I did save money and I have all the files. I still don't know what to do with these 1000s of files... who can make sense of them??? I should have hired and worked with the old fashion photographer.  

8/10/2010 05:57:22 pm

I need him like I need the air to breathe.


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