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The art of communication begins with an idea. People come to a professional photographer because of different reasons. Some want to look sexy, some just plain beautiful, some want to look wise, others powerful. The job of a real artist is to find out what is in the mind of the client and accomplish all of their goals. If they come in without a goal you must create one together.
    Women are more meticulous than men... they have their hair & make up professionally done and their cloths are neat & on hangers ... unwrinkled. Men need more coaching. Power ties, colored shirts, dark suits, fitted shirts & jackets that can be buttoned.
    Lighting can make you slimmer or heavier. It can straighten out a crooked nose. Angle can make you seem bigger or smaller. Posing can create warmth, power , attentiveness, or you seemingly being aloof. Expression conveys you being warm, silly, mean, or harsh.
    Retouching can polish up the person, whiten eyes and teeth, reduce bags, take away drooping necks. Real pros fix clothing to make it look custom fitted, raise shirt collars& ties, reduce bulges in backs, necks, & shoulders. We straighten the hunched, push in the tummies, slim the arms ... and uncover the beauty that is hidden.
    We are the fairy g-d fathers who with a wave of our magic wand create the perfect picture ... stating the perfect message. Snap , snap, snap will take an eternity to get you to your goal. Only a true professional will ask you the correct questions and deliver to you the right product.

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    Gary R. Miller Photography... the Loving Touch, is a warm and friendly photographic studio which specializes in helping people look their best. Perfect smiles, perfect bodies, perfect skin, and a perfect message. Gary personally, starts off by finding out exactly what you want to achieve during your event or portrait session. Our studio theme is Express yourself... Express your beauty, express your attitude, express your personality, express your hobby, express your relationship with loved ones, friends, or pets.


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