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Where there is a conflict of opinions there is a maze of confusion. Where there is confusion there can be no growth. Where there is no growth you can not get on successfully with your journey. Every thought, every act, every impulse, & every word brings about a result in exact accordance with its own nature. There is no more painful bondage than to be at the mercy of our own inclinations and no greater freedom.

    Just as the ocean is made up of drops of water and the Earth is made up of grains of sand … so is our Life is made up of our thoughts, our acts, our principles, and are skills. Without these Life would cease to be. Everyman life therefore, is made up of what his apparently detached thoughts, acts, and dreams make it.. Their combination is oneself. As a year consists of a number of sequential moments … so a mans’ character is made up of a number of sequential thoughts and deeds. The finished whole is made up of the imprint of the parts. Nothing great can exist, which is not made of small details of which every detail is perfect.

    A man can not excel until he disciplines himself. He is made up of a series of sensations, longings, confusions unrelated to any central principle.  To accomplish anything one must manage their mind.  You live from within to without as you regulate your conduct in accordance to your principles & belief system. A discipline person becomes the molder of his outer circumstances. All evil becomes powerless with the development of self discipline. It is the silent conquering of one thought that brings all dreams into reality. All accomplishment & growth begin with a thought. All demise and misery grow from negative thoughts. If you become what you think about we must become the captain of our own ship to steer ourselves to the destinies that we call success & victory.

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