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The world exists in order that we may experience , grow, and make choices. When the correct choice is made in thought and action we learn and there is an increase in wisdom.  Growth is about purposeful change accompanied by progress.  Even when we are in a state of suffering and sadness this too opens the door to all change and achievement. One who does’nt believe in achievement never aspires for perfection.  Change is constant, without it we would remain the same in our childlike state.  Aspiring to conquer the imperfections of today lead us to the perfections, aspiration, and the  accomplishments of tomorrow.

    We eventually reach our end and we must also start at our beginning.  We must refine the smallest details of our life and go step by step from start to finish.  Polishing accompanies each step and there is logical adjustments we make with each step honing are skills as we go on. We eventually end up at the outcome we expected. In all things we walk towards our truths in a direct unswayed & untroubled by external forces, way.

    No matter how apparently trivial the thing is which has to be done, there is a right way & a wrong way. To do it the right way saves friction, time, & trouble and develops grace, skill, & happiness. Should a person learning a trade refuse instruction and persist in doing it his way, he will never become anything better than a clumsy bungler. The universe is sustained by exactness, it rests on order, it demands for you to do it right.

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