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   It seems that every thought we think, every impulse we feel, every act and word we say brings about a result in exact accordance with its own nature. I believe there is no more painful bondage than to be at the mercy of our own inclinations and there is no greater freedom. The mind is like a muscle only developed and strengthened by use.  We act and fail or achieve according to our beliefs and our future never deviates. We become what we think we deserve. Our whole life & character develop from our beliefs and has nothing to do with the outside forces. Guard well what you say to yourself everyday because your beliefs will become your reality. There are no accidents in your life; the limitations of your nature are the fences of your own thoughts. No one is hindered by another only by their own thoughts & beliefs. Just as the ocean is made up of drops of water, the earth is made up of grains of sand … we are made of the sum total of our thoughts, speech, & action. To know your future is to examine your own belief system. A year is made up of a number of sequential moments. Your character & life is built on the secret principles that you hold to be true and our moment to moment thoughts & decisions make up the finished whole… us. Our life is the sum total of the thought we hold true to. Our very existence is nothing more than a series of efforts and accomplishments. I once read a book on the Wild West and it stated “The West and its’ land were there for the taking. Yet it was no place for the weak, timid, or the hesitant. Rather it was the individuals who grasped the opportunities regardless of the odds.” We have choices in our life … to win or to lose, to be rich or to be poor, to be happy or to be sad. Let Gary Miller walk you through the steps of success.

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