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Our life is exactly what we make it, created by our own thoughts & actions. It is only our attitude which determines if we are Happy or sad or if its’ going to be a good day or a bad one. Good or bad, foolish or wise is a state of mind that begins and ends with us each and every day. If one is weak and feeling sorry for himself he by his thoughts & deeds has brought himself to that point. If one is foolish it’s because we ourselves act foolish. A person has no character, no life apart from his own thoughts and actions because they revel to the world who and what he is and what his beliefs are.

    Just as a sculptor takes a block of stone and turns it into a work of art , we too take our rough form and make it into the person we believe we can be. Each person is totally responsible for the thoughts he is thinking and the state of mind & reality he finds himself in. So as we change our thinking we can change our reality. Zig Ziglar always said “ You can who you are & what you are by just changing what goes into your mind.”  We attract into our lives the situations that go along with our thoughts. Life is never going to make a liar out of you. You become what you think about each and every moment.

 A person of dignity & principles can not be beaten down or enslaved because his thoughts are of freedom not of chains of self-pity. Either you walk the streets as a warrior or as a victim. Predators are waiting to pounce on the sick and the weak and the ones who are afraid. They find it easier to walk away from the confident. It is your birthright to walk as a strong, independent, worry free controlled person.

    A person who woks from fixed principles need not to bother himself with silly details for he see the big picture and reacts accordingly.

5/19/2012 03:13:18 pm

It is so true! Amazing words! You helped me a lot, thank you!

Keep on with your great work!

Christoph, Vienna (Austria)


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