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    A person must know something and know he has mastered it. A moment of indecisiveness may turn back the element of success. Don’t live in the world of someday I’ll. I this life to be successful you must be an expert in what you do. You should know every facet of the thing you do and strive to be the best. You will always jump out of bed early every morning eager to become better with your skills and over come any obstacles on the way. They say you can walk through the mud if you keep your eye on the stars.  I believe one should draw a line in the sand and never retreat backwards. You must dig your heals in and advance forward with out the positive goals seeking thoughts & principles you can muster. A man with no principles will not accomplish much. Principles will guide you through the maze of conflict. Conflicting opinions will inspire you with unflinching courage, in the battle of life, to find the magical path custom made for your journey through your life. It will color all of your experiences with the spin of your dreams & perceptions and will eventually take you exactly where you believe you should end up. Principles are the one ally that will never desert you when it seems that you are surrounded by enemies. It is the thing that will deliver you from danger.

    Every morning jump out of bed and put on your suit of amour, pick up your sword & shield and head out to slay lives dragons. Never back down from your goals and your principles.

   By your very own words they spin off your own peculiar influence and interpretation which others instinctively detect and react to. People pick up on if you’re honest or deceitful, if you believe in yourself or not. I you are joyous or sad. Winners attract themselves to others by the power of sincerity. When people mistrust themselves and their principles people pick up on that.  A man is only lowly when he beats himself up. A man becomes exalted when he lives an exalted life. Learning and making mistakes are a normal part of growth and learning so remember that a big shot is just a little shot that didn’t stop learning.

joan melnick
4/1/2010 02:06:31 pm

dear gary,
i did not know that you were such a deep soul! your words are actually comforting and uplifting!


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