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What ever you believe to be true in your mind becomes reality. It seems that our outside life is always in harmony with our belief system. What ever we think is going to happen to us usually does. However we start our day usually continues and our attitude about our job is a fulfilling prophecy. Your job is to first begin to work on yourself until you build a stronger better model. You must be unshakable in your attitude. Would you like to have more money... then why don’t you? Instead of listing your favorite excuses try setting new goals and discover new growth solutions. It seems that successful people are very clear about what they believe in. They do not compromise and they do not waiver from the course they set for themselves. Their values & beliefs are always expressed in their actions. Life is a war against negativity and lack of confidence. Winning does not always go to the fastest and the boldest but the person who perseveres step by step, challenge by challenge, success by success. The person who wins in the long run is the person who believes he can. The one who believes there is a divine spark in him that will allow him to accomplish anything in life he sets his mind on.

    Everyday we must jump out of bed and eagerly look forward to moving our experiences to help us fulfill the dreams & goals we have. We can look forward to the people we will meet and the things we will learn to become stronger more successful individuals. We must be thankful for the gifts & skills we have and are developing.  We pay a heavy price for are fear of failure because it causes a constant reduction of our personality and retards personal growth. Failure is an opportunity for new growth and discovery. To keep growing you must risk new failure. The only people who never fail are the people who never grow.     You always become what ever you set out to become. Some people are always worried that someone will laugh at them. You need a “who cares “mind set. Once you succeed in learning what skills create your success … its’ you who has the last laugh. Success & prosperity just don’t happen … they are a state of mind.

    Your wealth already exists it is just waiting for you to see it and claim it. For more information callGary R. Miller248-350-1550The believing Company

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