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Consider your G-d given talents when setting goals or going for a new dream. Always do what you enjoy doing and go with the flow of your daydreams. Never let your past defeats limit what you are going to do next. There are more talented people who are failures than so called untalented people who become high achievers. This proves that talent in itself is not the determining factor for getting what you want out of life. Expect more from yourself. You can rise to heights higher than you thought possible.  Expect little and accomplish little … expect much and accomplish much, the choice is up to you. Great drive, persistence, magnificent obsessions brings to the top talents never before thought possible. Every problem is an opportunity for new growth and new possibilities.

    If you think this is impossible than you are the only one getting in your way to the road to success. Every difficulty is a call to triumph. Every problem can be a real adventure from start to finish. Remember triumph is made up of try & umph. G-d has unlimited opportunities and unlimited resources which are made available to people who think big. You might not always achieve your goals as fast as you would like but your goals are always in the process of creating the person you are becoming.

    What dreams would you dream if you knew you could not fail? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The Laws of attraction will always deliver to you who and what you need to succeed.

    Growth is the pulse that lets you know you are alive. Go after anything you want, with everything you got, till you get it. For Mans reach should exceed his grasp or what is a heaven for? Your uniqueness is what you have, and what you bring to everything you do in this world.


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