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    A few years ago I received a call from Boston , a young lady was about to be married and needed a wedding photographer. She had one  problem ... she got into a car crash & half of her face was paralyzed and she hated her smile. When ever she looked in the mirror she saw a distorted expression, she then felt terrible. She got my name from a relative and was told I could work magic. I set up a practice session which we put her mouth in every position possible. We both chose the perfect smile.. one that she liked & one that she could easily do. 
    Needless to say she loved her album, her parents loved their album, the grooms parents loved their album, and the grandparents loved their album. Everyone lived happily ever after. Just remember you can get anything in life you want if you can help enough people in life get what they want.
    Another time I received a call from a neurologist asking if I took passport pictures. After explaining that we didn't she demanded I do hers. I offered to do a portrait session  with a white background. " Why do you want me to take your passport photo", I asked. She went on to tell me she was going to go on a 25th wedding  anniversary cruise with her husband. Moreover, she had never taken a decent picture in her life and didn't want to pull out a terrible passport photo , where she looked " like a monster , in every port. I invited her into the studio for a practice session and saw how she sabotaged every picture. I walked her through different facial expressions & different body language until her true personality came through. Her passport portrait matched her 24x30 wall portrait... and she lived happily ever after. All problems can be solved by asking the correct questions.

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